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Knowfar Institute for Strategic and Defence Studies (KISDS) is a Chinese think tank which focuses on following and analysing long-term strategic and defence issues. The institute provides government institutions and policymakers with advice based on its independent and in-depth research. Since its establishment, KISDS has been conducting quality research according to its major principles: "independent, objective, deliberation, and discernment." It aims to provide a platform for international discussion of strategic and defence issues, through organizing forums and seminars; publishing academic journals; and interacting with the academic community and think tanks.

Headquartered in Jiangsu province, KISDS is divided into four specialized research units: The Centre for Strategic Studies, the Centre for Battle and Tactics Studies, and the Centre for Eurasian Studies. It publishes five journals, namely, Knowfar Defence Review, CIS and East European Defense Review, Asia Pacific Defence Quarterly, Cyber Review and UAV Review.

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