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The 2nd "Nankai University &KnowFar Defense Forum" held successfully

From August 3rd to August 5th,the 2nd "Nankai University &KnowFar Defense Forum—The Strategic pattern of the Western Pacific Region and Models of Future Warfare "had been successfully held in Tianjin. More than 60 experts attended the forum, and they are from 26 different units, including universities, institutes, armed forces and governmental departments.

The first report was The Hawk Hovering Above the West Pacific, made by the director of Knowfar Institute for Strategic & Defence Studies, Li Jian. He thought USA is still a highly religionized country. He cited Huntington's view, and analyzed America's strategy from culture and religion. The reports of other three researchers from KISDS were The Scenario of Cyber Warfare in the AirSea Battle, The Application of the Sea Base in the Light of Joint Operations and The Analysis of US Military Existence in the Pacific.

Professor Yang Leping's report was The Integration of US Space Power in the AirSea Battle, and Professor Ma Jianguang Russia's Strategic Considerations of Strengthening the Military Deployment of the Far East & Pacific Region. They are from National University of Defense Technology.

Mr. Zheng Gang, CEO of Keen Risk Solution Co., Ltd, three Strategic Thoughts and the Influence of US on China's Oversea Interest. He listed the limitations of governmental actions, and advocated smart power, avoiding direct military confrontation.

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